Resolved LocatableQueryResults.nearestTo not working

Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by Aidden, Sep 2, 2014.

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  1. Seems to always get the object nearest to the player rather than the given coordinate.

  2. Are you sure about this? The code looks fine.
  3. Not 100% but that's how it seemed to be at the time. I'll describe the problem i had and see if you can work it out.
    I updated my tutorial solvers walking methods to use web walking and that's when i noticed it. So i'm thinking it might be to do with that web problem i told you about. Basically i was in the cooks house making bread. When it was finished it kept spam clicking on the map coordinate where the door that i entered the house is, not the one you use to leave. I'm using nearestTo(Coordinate) to get the correct door to build a path to.
    As you can see, this sounds very similar to the web walking problem i told you about, where my wolrd walker gets stuck trying to walk to varrock on osrs. It spam clicks a coordinate just past the lumbridge chickens and continues to do so until you move it a few tiles past that location, then it continues on its way perfectly fine.

    Also, i'm pretty sure upon changing from webwalking to regionpath on tutorial solved this issue.
  4. @Cloud Just confirmed that it is an issue with webwalking. If i swap to regionpath this no longer happens.
  5. @Cloud this can be closed. I believe it was behaving this way due to the region not being mapped.
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