Resolved logged in right now 10 seconds later 48 hours

Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by douglasyc2, Nov 29, 2015.

  1. What? What's the bug?
  2. u missed some words in the title.
  3. aw sorry forget to change ... just logged in for about 10 seconds then i got banned 48 hours
  4. sorry for your loss
  5. Im pretty sure each and every person playing on runemate has? Nothing new.
  6. This is impossible sorry.
    Jagex can not know that you are a bot in 10 seconds.
    If you would have said 25-50minutes, then i would have said yes.
  7. Not impossible, same happened to me 2 weeks ago
  8. Happened to me as well last week
  9. If this is true, then i think @Arbiter and @Cloud should disable the client again...
    Still, i find it very hard to believe... :)
  10. Bans are applied upon login. This is common knowledge. It does not mean that you were detected upon login, but rather that you had a pending ban that was simply applied upon logging in.
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