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Discussion in 'Developer Support' started by Aidden, Feb 9, 2016.

  1. The username field should have focus by default. @Arbiter
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    It would also be nice to have a visual cue when loggin in other than the change to the login button.
  2. I considered the default focus, but decided against it because if it's focused you can't see the prompt text (Username / Email address). This should be a non-issue as the client should be remembering the last entered username. If it's not doing that, then that is the real bug. Confirm that it isn't doing that and then tag Cloud.
  3. Confirmed, I've been typing it in every time.

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  4. @Cloud

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  5. @Arbiter save username/password would be nice too
  6. We will save username, but not password. Considering that the password unlocks the user's RS accounts, it's not worth the risk for the minor convenience.
  7. How's it any different to storing it for the login cli?

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  8. That shifts the burden of protecting the password off of the client and onto the user.
  9. You never gave me a todo in the code for that so of course I didn't implement it. Someone make a new thread so I don't forget.

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