Resolved LoginHandler doesn't click OK on "Too many connections" message

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  1. have my account assigned to RM and when it gets logged out and the RM trys to log it back in i get this msg and RM doesnt seem to no how to handle it


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    Post #9 by Cloud, Aug 29, 2015
  3. More context: This is in the case of world-hopping, not the case of attempting to multi-log, for some reason world-hopping is buggy and will occasionally bring this message up or completely log you out. The LoginHandler handles the full logout fine but it struggles with this message. @Cloud @Arbiter
  4. Multi-logging guide for Windows:
    Go to your folder(C:\Users\yourname), and find random.dat; make it readonly and you can multilog :)
  5. i have done that already
  6. Yeah that's not what causes it in this specific case xD
  7. has this been fixed yet?
  8. Just added detection of it, is the expected behavior to retry or to stop the bot?

    Edit: Just pushed V1.1.18, it stops the bot and sends a tray notification when it sees that message.
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