lol. permanent bans all three accounts

Discussion in 'General' started by drinktheevil, Mar 16, 2016.

  1. alright so i used runemate for I dont know about 4 days. all 3 of my accounts got permanently banned lol. have fun everyone...botting is just not for me, and apparently runescape isnt either lol.
  2. You're welcome :)
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  3. thanks! lost an account ive had for a good 14 years =)
  4. And yet you did bot on it, ignoring the many people on here saying to rather wait for spectre if you do not want to risk your account.
  5. i doubt spectre will work lol.
  6. What are you trying to say with this thread? Indirectly blaming RuneMate for getting banned? That's like blaming the gun you used to kill someone for getting you arrested, it makes no sense. You decided to bot, you got caught, it's your fault.
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  7. Oh it already does, I've used it for 14 hours yesterday :)
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    Dude this is so fucking accurate lol
  8. Grats on the perm banned accounts
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  9. Rs isn't good for health.
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  10. Botting is always at your own risk, it is against the rules and you clearly decided to go against it and you were caught and the punishment was given. Nothing to be man about; NEVER bot on an account you care about as there is always the chance of a ban.
  11. LMAO. Never bot on an account you aren't willing to lose.
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