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  1. Hello everyone, as i'm new to this site. I'm looking for a specific feature, which i'm not sure if all bots/scripts bots can do.

    it's just that on my rs3 main farming is the only skill i really lack to get max, and I was wondering if there would be a bot/script bot that can handle aquanties as they recently got buffed. basically all that it has to do is non-stop fighting with soulsplit on, with my bonecrusher/seedicide/demon horn necklace. for nonstop farming xp and endless prayer.

    since i'm quite inexperienced. i was wondering if someone could pick me the most suitable bot for this
  2. dont bot rs3 until spectre is out. You will get banned asap. Dont
  3. I've been botting 8+ hours a day on multiple accounts, several freshly made ones aswell that have only botted and have not been banned
  4. Rs3
  5. yes on rs3
  6. I've botted rs3 6 hours a day for almost a week without getting banned, whereas with other bot sites I am banned within an hour
  7. Interesting. Still wouldnt advise him to bot on his main yet
  8. I believe there was just a large ban wave which scared everyone, i havent had problems yet, however I would agree with you and not bot a main
  9. [​IMG]
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  10. Perfect hahaha

    AnywAy happ new year
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  11. No bots are detectable only you are.

    Learn to safe bot and you should be fine.

    So... back to the topic which bot is recommended?
  12. I would say RuneMate.
  13. I'm already using RuneMate. There are just 99999 combat scripts bots. So are you going to recommend me any or not. It's kinda annoying you were better of not typing at all. I was simple asking for someone who were experienced, I feel like i need to make a whole new thread as people only have spammed so far with 0 relevance to the given topic. it's kinda hilarious.

    So yeah i'm trying to avoid being rude, But someone who is experienced. can you pls recommend me any scripts bots/bots on RuneMate which would work good on Aquanties?. Thats all I ask.
  14. mass fighter is the one there i use
  15. Sorry if it looks like i am rude. I doubt any public script bot would be able to do that, but check MaxiFighter or
    Maybe even my QFighter.

    But i doubt you can do that with public script bot. I think you will have to get a scripter to write you a private one
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    Does it support everything the op asked for?

    Idk not reall know about the fighters
  16. You can use the Public Fighter Bots and it would work, just put "Quick Prayers ON" and Aquanites as Target and you're ready to go

    SOURCE: I've done this
  17. Thanks for the input i'll test it out!. and I'll try to pm some authors then.
  18. Well gnarr said its possible
  19. I'd say try mass fighter, best fighter bot i've personally used and it has a lot of features, should be customizeable to your needs
  20. You're the one who is annoying. any decent fighter bot will work. get supporter and stop leeching ^^
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