OSRS Looking for a partner. I have a a very god account

Discussion in 'OSRS' started by ZulrahEzy, Jul 7, 2015.

  1. Hey guys I don't play RS much but I am looking for a partner who wants t join me. I basically I am providing the account and you will be buying the zulrah script bot for me.

    I will be managing the zulrah bot to prevent any bans and setting custom breakpoints. Profits will be made 70% to me and 30% to you.
    • So you want me to pay $30 every 14 days to use an account where I only get 30% of all the profit. Also, you seem like you would be putting breaks and stuff on the account so it doesn't get banned and I assume the account won't run 24/7 so its not worth it.
  2. You obviously don't know math.

    Even with breaks this thing will be making at least 4m a hour when running. Also who said $30 every 14 days? you obviously have no idea what you are talking about but good luck to you.
  3. Currently the Zulrah bot that is out costs $30 every 14 days to use. Also, you won't make 4m/hr I don't know who told you that but that is very incorrect. And if you are someone that wants to take breaks on an account that means you probably don't want to run 24/7 which is the only way the person running the bot would make money since they get 30%.
  4. Im sure you dont make 4m 07gp per hour, but it depends on which Zulrah bot OP is talking about. One on tribot is $25 for 2 weeks, but there is another made for Simba, which is around 120M OSGP per account.
  5. You should consider lending your account to a Bot Author++ on this site so they can make a premium Zulrah bot using it and you'd get lifetime free in exchange (plus profits while they develop). I think @SlashnHax would be keen and I'd trust him with a newborn.
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  6. Or you could write your own for free xD
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  7. The one on simba is extremely slow and unless the account is maxed with decent gear you rarely get kills. And like I said before the only way I would make money off this 30% deal is if I ran the bot 24/7 but I doubt he would let me do that.
  8. I dont know which one u think you are talking about, but the one made by Fitta is NOT slow. I have averaged 800k-1m phr. Thats WITH a lot of breaks. Most of the progress reports on that thread show low kills phr because of constant breaks to avoid getting bans.
  9. The Zulrah script bot for the simba bot? Not to mention the last few days mod wealth or whatever his name is has been strictly targeting Zulrah bots.
  10. Which is why the script bot has mod detection and takes breaks very regularly. still maintains one of the best money/hr while being extremely safe.
  11. Yup im actually in contact with a bot author here. Will see how it goes =D
  12. You should try and write a bot yourself.
    Programming is really rewarding :)
  13. I know it is =D

    But my main focus is businesss and gainz. I basically find a partner then from there I make him money while I profit off it too.

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