OSRS Looking for a shop buyer and banker bot

Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by topazzz, Jun 29, 2016.

  1. As the title says, I would like to request a script bot allowing me to buy a certain item.

    It should have some variables adjustable like minimum stack avaliable in the shop for the bot to make the purchase so that the player doesn't buy overpriced shop items.

    And when inventory is full the bot would then bank at instructed place, doesn't have to support stairs and obstacles in my case but i guess others would like that.

    Is there anything like this avaliable on runemate or other bots?
  2. Battlestaves:
    lunar island

    Yak fur:
    Jatizso - Relleka most north east boat

    Broad tips:
    2 slayer masters

    Nature runes:
    Wicked hood

    Ring of wealth to collect resources

    Port Sarim:
    Feathers and bait in fishing shop
    fire water earth air body runes from rune shop

    Herbshop to get vials and eyes of newt packs

    Void night outpost from port sarim:
    fire water earth air body runes from rune shop

    Brimhaven(kamanja lodestone)
    cart to shilo:
    feathers and fishing bait
    broad arrow heads from slayer master

    buckets of sand
    Wizard guild: for runes

    Oo'glog lodestone:
    Feathers from general store
    Bird meat from Chargurr

    skill necklace Fishing Guild:
    feathers and bait

    Chocolate in basement chest
    Feathers and Bait in fishing shop

    ardougne loadstone:
    vials from gen store


    shantay pass
    buy feathers

    this is the list of profitable ones i came up with so far, you know any others?

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