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Discussion in 'General Market' started by Pulse, May 14, 2015.

  1. Hi,

    Looking for accounts that are a little old with decent stats. The stats don't have to be anything specific as I'm going to be using them for botting everything regardless. Let me know what you have with a guide price.

  2. Not looking for an account this good, to expensive for botting.

    What are you looking for in $ or RSGP?
  3. I understand, thanks anyways :)
  4. just pm me a price and i might consider doing business.
  5. [​IMG]

    Is 10 year vet, or nearly. Was less than a year last time I played on it.
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  6. Again, account is probably too good for my needs, looking for something with worse stats for a cheap price. Thanks though.
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    I'm honestly not sure on prices, feel free to come up with anything.
  7. Fair enough, good luck. :p
  8. rs acc.jpg

    Dragon slayer is completed, 536 days until 10 year vet.
  9. What you looking for?
  10. I would prefer runescape 3 gold, just make an offer that you think is fair?
  11. I'm not sure what's fair, don't really want to offer a shitty price as the 10 year vet is nice, but looking for cheap stuff to be honest.
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  12. I don't really care about the vet stuff, just make an offer of rs3 gp that sounds good to you
  13. Pulse remember that the seller can always recover the account At any time.

    Im not saying he is going to, but you can just look PB full of disputes for that.
  14. That's true purchasing an account always has a risk these days, however if someone asks to buy an account or is looking for an account surely they know the risks, all i've asked for the account is 6mil rs3 gp which equates to roughly $1.90 usd so even if i recovered there's no great harm done.
  15. At that amount of money im pretty sure 100% you wont recover it ;)
  16. Well i really like this website and using runemate, so i'd hate to piss off the community, besides i'd feel bad.

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