Looking for DarkScape Questing

Discussion in 'General Market' started by krib, Oct 19, 2015.

  1. Need the main quests done... Waterfall, MM, Grand Tree, Lost City, etc.

    Please post your terms, experience/reputation, and your prices.

    Thanks and look forward to doing business!
  2. Hi, Krib. Waterfall, grandtree & lost city on Ds? I can do that today. Monkey madness will probably be done on the weekend or on a day where I can just sit and not worry about people bothering me irl so I can complete the quest with ease.

    I'm a decent quester, Like to quest, it's easy.

    Prices for Waterfall, g.t, & lost city: Idk, give me a price.

    Also, list your stats.

    Also, you need some gp on your account so I can purchase food, & items needed for the quest.
    (note: I'm not rich on DS, so I couldn't buy items and transfer it to your account)
    Let me know.

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