Looking for professional website BackEnd&Frontend coders

Discussion in 'Projects' started by logonet, May 9, 2016.

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  1. I do have this website project to be made, It will consist of:
    Complete Design of the website(Looking for modern type)(I do have written down how it will look exactly)
    Admin panels (able to edit users profiles,review orders,
    Upload images on website that will auto resize to specified sizes(and preferably made to lower size formats)
    Database of items for different games(being able to have integrated database on home page of different game items together)
    User account registration/(security Features such as 2FA)
    I will be buying SSL(idk if that needs any adjusting)
    Steam trade bots

    pm skype if you can do this project in reasonable amount of time
  2. So... 20k base, 5k per month and $100/hour to keep the website running on newer browsers?
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