Looking to bot to lvl 120.

Discussion in 'General' started by Vyxion, Jul 15, 2016.

  1. Hey guys!!

    I'm looking to bot some skill to 120 on my RS3 Ironman account. Could anyone recommend some bots that can do 200k+ xp/hr or even 150k that I could use on an ironman? This means no cooking bots, as I can't buy any supplies. Thanks so much!

    Sample XP rates of commonly botted skills.
    Hunter (Red Chins) - 60k xp/hr
    Divination - 60k xp/hr
    Runespan - 80k xp/hr
  2. Runespan is alot more than 80kxp/hr, i got upto 150-300k when i was at level 99
  3. Sadly, the bot is not nearly as effective as an actually person in runespan. Secondly, if you were permanently on an Undead Soul node, which you can't be, you'd get 138k xp/hr. (Undead Soul is the best xp/hr followed by Blood Skulls)

    80k xp/hr on the bot is very good. Most people get 60-70k, but it varies on the island you're at.

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