Looking to buy username login accounts

Discussion in 'General Market' started by EvilCabbage, Dec 17, 2015.

  1. Don't really care what's on there, it just has to have a (easy to type) username login. Preferably no previous email set.
  2. Pricing?
  3. Check skype negus.
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  4. Well as low as possible. They don't need to meet any requirement but a username login so.
  5. payments in paypal, rsgp or what?
  6. I will message you
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  7. He has none, rip.
  8. wtf last time I checked he had like 1k accounts...
  9. Wait Liam is WolfRS, right?
  10. No lol, Liam is @LiamKing1 idk if he changed his name on pb though.
  11. Oh lel
  12. Are username login accounts expensive?
  13. Thanks for mentioning me here. I am known as "Liam" and "KingL1993" on other markets. WolfRS is not me but iI did used to know him 1-2 years ago.

    It's true, i do have over 2000 username login accounts. The only problem is that they are on my PC at my apartment. I am currently visiting my parents for X-mas so only have my laptop with me.

    If you still need, be sure to add my skype "live:rsgs.business" (without the " ") and we can do business once I have the documents.

    For the inconvenience, I will do 2 for the price of 1, and also everybody who has posted before me on this thread can have the same deal if they need a 5/10 year veteran.
  14. price on 10 year veteran accounts?
  15. $3 per 5 year vet, $5 per 10 year
  16. add robin.ham5 on skype
  17. Sweet, how many 10 year accounts do you have?
  18. well i have over 2000, so if we guess that 40% are 10 year vets, I'd say i got 800ish

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