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    Greetings. I'd like to increase my rep as in the future I'd like to be a middleman here on RuneMate. I'm currently interested in renting an OSRS account with 84 Thieving and at least 43 Prayer to thieve from the rogues castle chests. Profits will be split 50-50 (I supply my own prayer pots) or 75 (you)- 25(me) if you supply prayer pots. I'd probably only need around 25-40 before I'd be able to sell off some of my share of the loot to afford them.

    I WILL NOT use any type of bots or illegal 3rd party software. I will keep an excel spreadsheet of every trip and how much I loot and send it to you nightly on skype/PM here if you would like alongside pictures with proof of loot. I'd rather you let me know at least 10-15 minutes before you needed to use your account so that I can stop my current thieving trip and record my spreadsheet data before giving you the all clear to go ahead. I can thieve late nights on EST (10pm-3-5AM) if you would like to use your account during the day. Also While I'm on your account I will be on skype so you can always request a live update on either the bank tab of loot, current thieving exp etc.

    I do ask that if we come to an agreement on this that we set up a bank tab for the loot, as between that and my excel spreadsheet it is very easy to keep track of. If you have any more questions feel free to PM me here. When we work out an agreement through PM, skypes will be traded and we can go from there. If I recieve more than one offer at a time to do this, the first person I come to an agreement with I will work with. I'd like to do this for atleast 1-2 weeks so that I have plenty of loot for my new skiller I've made. After the 1-2 weeks If either A. I have no other person that has offered to work with me, or B. The current person I'm working with would like to continue, we will work it out from there.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this, hope to do business soon :)

    ALSO: Note to Mods, if this type of service is not allowed please delete it, I want no trouble <3 If it is allowed but in the wrong place, can you please move it accordingly. Thank you.
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