Looks like a growing community!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Jonesy, Jul 25, 2015.

  1. Just dropped by Runemate and I can see that it's growing nicely! I hope this community lives long, and doesn't turn into powerbot.

    I might just ask though, how undetectable are these bots? I might just have to test a few bots ;)

    I just have to add that this forum has an amazing feel to it :p Gj to whoever themed this.
  2. Very detectable. You load up the client and before logging in a message pops up saying "Jagex alert: If you login, you will be banned"

    Just kidding, its very nice, not an almost instant ban like powerbot, been going a month and some days strong with no bans botting 2+ accounts a day. When I joined the average clients running was in the 200's or so. Now its hitting 400.

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  3. straight up the mayor is from villavu #1 scriptwriter there swear to god

    welcome the mayor

  4. Welcome to our little corner of the Internet. Glad you like the feels. We do our best. :D
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    Mind sharing where you heard about us?
  5. Nice to meet you TAH. I'd have to say, Clarity is better at scripting though- partly because he has heaps of time on his hands ;)

    And I heard about you when scrolling though SYTHE, ofc :p
  6. true true there are pretty OP scriptwriters here though :D

    ps did you quit villavu?
  7. Are you the The Mayor from Villavu?

    EDIT: Just read you are in another post. Could you pm me on there? Also, why are you coming here? Could we possibly expect some of your bots in our store? :D
  8. He is apparently
  9. Nice. :p

    The Mayor: It certainly has been growing exponentially, I must say. From what I have seen around, there hasn't been much complains of bans and whatnot, but ultimately a lot of it falls down onto your shoulders in terms of how safely you're botting. :D
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  10. This isn't me, and no I'm not joining RuneMate. Jonesy what are you playing at.
  11. Verified that OP is NOT 'The Mayor' from Villavu and the user above me is.

    Feel free to contact me on SRL if you need proof. My user ID is 9308.

    Jonesy, I think it's time you grow up.
  12. Lol, who the fuck is "The Mayor"? First time I've ever seen that name.
  13. that is because you have only used epicbot and power bot,
    this is the mayer one of the best bot author ever known.
    ps if these people where claiming that this is the mayor and that kid has proof if the mayor wanted you to know it was him he would have already have made a bot and went to srl and sent you a message from simba.

    r [​IMG]
  14. I have used every client except Simba, so that's most likely why I haven't heard of that name.

    Also, Kiko and Arbi are the most legendary bot authors ever.
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  15. I changed my name asap for this very reason... Has it changed publicly or does everyone still see 'The Mayor' ?
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    For those wondering, I requested Arbiter to change it ASAP shortly after I registered
  16. lmao i didnt say the mayor was legendary i said best :D [​IMG]
  17. Arbiter is hands the greatest scripter ever.

    Arbiter was hands down the best maplestory bot author. Even it is not the same person the name "Arbiter" has a lot of power behind it.
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  18. That's probably why I haven't heard of him.

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