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Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by notabot, Jul 31, 2015.

  1. I don't think I've seen one, but just a simple bot that would pick up loot and bank it would be nice. I've noticed that there are a few places where items spawn that would be a bit profitable to collect for noob accounts.
  2. Would be quite hard to write as you would have to add banking support for every location it loots. Something like a wilderness fighter would be possible, but an AIO looter would be quite hard.
  3. I may work on this. Team Alpha has virtually every bank in RS mapped already, so given that the new web has LodeStone support, this would be very doable.
  4. Making a blue d scale, swamp toad, and swamp tar picker has been done before :) is that what you are looking for?
  5. anteriormente tinha um saque selvagem de "não sei se ainda tão selvagem quanto antes de usar o modo activamente" seria bom, porque eles sempre à esquerda itens após a morte
  6. So if i translated it right, you are just looking for a wildy looter.
    I have seen it before, but i think it would not be that profitable... :)
  7. yes excuse google translate op
  8. Mainly what I'm looking for is a bot that will pick up all the loot that people leave behind in the cow pen in burthorpe. I've noticed tons of people don't loot stuff on w3 and that it can be ~200k+ an hour just picking up all the bones, cowhide, and raw beef.
  9. I believe I've made a bot for that a long time ago. Not sure if it works anymore but I'll test it out if you want to.
    Kill cows, picks up loot, tans hide, banks and repeats.
  10. if you can release me also thank you !!
  11. I'd be fine even if it didn't kill the cows to be honest haha
  12. It should be able to one hit the cows with momentum and an air battlestaff.
    I'll check it out now
  13. I know it one-hits them, but on worlds like World 3 there are already so many people killing the cows that all you have to do is loot the drops they leave behind.
  14. You can use alpha fighter to loot only i think, and it banks for you
  15. Hey sir.

    U are a bot writer right?
    I am looking for a osrs wildy looter ( edgeville ) & just a easy smelter that banks --> smelts --> banks ( need this very much )
    I would pay for it.


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