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    I can't get LootInventory.take(spriteItem)/take(name) or LootInventory.takeAll() to work correctly, the mouse moves to the correct interface component but then doesn't actually interact.

    Here's what the toolkit is showing for both scenarios:



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  3. Confirmed and seconded. I'm trying to loot all and it just hovers over the button, never clicking it :/

  4. Fixed for the next release. They changed the actions.
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  5. Sweet, keen for this :D
  6. Which toolkit is this? I didn't see that kind of functionality in the Development Toolkit.
  7. Had some issues with lootall for a spider spawner I wrote a while ago. A temporary workaround is to just press space if the lootinventory interface is open, if you want to loot everything that is ;)

    edit: Dear lord, this is an old thread.. My bad!

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