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Discussion in 'OSRS' started by EvilCabbage, Dec 23, 2014.

  1. I had the idea to go make a team of low leveled mages on OSRS since F2p is free as of right now until 2015.
    We'd basically make a team of noobs to kill everyone of our level in the wilderness. Just for fun. If you're down for some noob F2p pking then let me know below.

    Current list of noobs:
    @Defeat3d (?)
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  2. Add me up !
  3. Alright then, I'll play on 2 accounts for a bit. I'll just make a melee pure though :p
  4. Add me up, keen to get involved with the RM Community!
  5. Added, boys!

    Add my Skype (live:EvilCabbage) so I can put all of you in a group convo.
  6. Added mate!
  7. Didn't get an invite. What's yours?
  8. Tobie.pryce2 with the fullstop.
  9. Added ;)
  10. Not really sure i i got the time, depends on if me and my family go on vacances from 27th
  11. this would be cool to do again now that f2p is full and forever :) im working on a sweet pure atm that could participate!

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