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  1. Is there anyone out there working on an LRC mining bot? Last request was in January, so I'd just liketo throw the idea out there again.

    EDIT: OK so basically a good Living Rock Cavern bot will go down fally mine to the living rock caverns, and mine "Concentrated Coal" at level 77, and "Concentrated Gold" at level 80. There are two main creatures in the cave, both of which are aggressive. The living rock protector, which uses melee attacks, and the living rock striker, which uses range/melee combo attacks. World 84 is the only world this method is effective on because of the constant regular number of players who slay, and also mine concentrated ores. These extra players keep the NPC's at bay. The bot would basically need to have the ability to walk to the main ore spots when they are available, and run to the bank deposit in the center of the mine when full of ore, or if under attack. Also an upon death option to walk back to the mine and keep going.

    In the past there have been some REALLY awesome LRC scripts bots, and i'd love to see them make a comeback. I got 25m exp off of mining concentrated gold on my old pure, so I know this area is doable, it's just a matter of commitment. If this bot is ever released, and perfected, I would happily spend 5-10$ on it, and I'm sure many others would as well.

    DOUBLE EDIT CLARITY: LRC PRO for attention grabbing purposes. I don't give a fuck if it's free or pro, I'd just love to see the bot made, and would be willing to pay.
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  2. I would use it!
  3. would be nice
  4. You should supply some information about what the activity does, how you do it, etc. I'm looking for new projects but I ignore most threads that contain little to no information.
  5. It's kinda simple, you start the bot @ LRC, then you mine either gold or coal, get a full bag e deposit at the bank inside LRC and repeat

    or maybe a drop all if the person doesn't want to keep the coal/gold
  6. Aren't there monsters to worry about as well? I need details :p
  7. There are monsters, aggressive to lower levels (maybe everyone idk) and i haven't played rs in a while, here's the wiki for it :D
    Living Rock Caverns
  8. There are safespots I believe
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  10. Why do you need a pro version? Are normal versions not good enough?
  11. I think i know somebody who can do it. Does anybody know who is it?
  12. @Party knows who you mean afaik.
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  13. 'Insert skill here' PRO

    Sounds like Coma's poor bot naming from Poorbot
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  14. you gonna get banned nigga xD
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  15. But it's the professional version, in case you want to use the bot for professional purposes!

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