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Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by srpronto, Jun 6, 2015.

  1. I everyone. I think you already heard me asking for a Lunar Spell script bot but know i will do that properly.
    We need a script bot that can train magic with lunar spells. Some of them are really useful to train magic and for the profit. The most used spells for profit are Humidify (PROFIT $$), Superglass Make (Profit $$ + Craft XP), Make Leather (Ultra-Profit $$$), Plank Make (Doesn't provide profit, actually we loose money, but good training methode).
    Thats what all need, and when i say all i mean me and maybe someone else.

    PS: Due to the amount of profit you can make it can actually be a good ideia to make it Premium :). Please show your support to make this possible.
  2. Are any of these spells Livid Farm unlocks or can you cast them with completion of Lunar Diplo and eventually Dream Mentor? :p
  3. Humidify - Both Quests
    Superglass make - Lunar Diplomacy
    Make leather - Livid Farm (489,200 produce points)
    Plank Make - Dream mentor
  4. I'd make it, but I haven't finished Lunar Diplomacy xD
  5. Make leather won't be included then as my account has 0 produce points atm..
    Anyways after my farming script bot I can look into Superglass & Humidify
  6. I need an excuse to finish Lunar Diplomacy, i can complete but i rather wait to a script bot and then complete it.
  7. I've just had a look and I'm almost at the reqs for lunar diplomacy, but I haven't got the reqs for livid farm yet xD
  8. I need to get farming up but i'm such a noob that i can't get to understand the skill :p But since i have lots of time now i can give a look at it. If i had a account i would lend you but for now thats not possible...
  9. I'm nearly maxed and 6 quests left until quest cape too, I'm gonna make it this evening; farming should be nearly done
  10. u have my account.... and i asked this to you from jenuary!
  11. Did anyone worked on this?
  12. I was planning to but then @SlashnHax said it'd be added to AlphaMagic ;)
  13. Competion is always good

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