RS3 LVL 3 Skiller with Chaotic Rapier!

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  1. This skiller is low in stats but it has some pretty cool items and tons of potential.. I want to sell it for RS3GP and i really dont have a price yet, just looking for serious offers. The account will come with no items of value. We will use a VMM if you are unsure of my trustworthiness [​IMG]

    Please post a comment on the thread before PMing me or adding me on skype. My skype is bespokevisuals​

    • very rare weed-culture related name (will show serious buyers only)
    • Lucky Off-Hand Chaotic Rapier (from treasure hunter)
    • Tokhaar Warlord outfit (cosmetic)
    • Keepsaked Anti-Dragon shield (from Daemonheim)
    • Membership expires August 09 2015
    • E-Mail will be removed before purchasing

    Now to the pictures...



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  2. Judging by stats, I offer 50k RS3 GP.
  3. 100k RS3. Looks like i'm winning @Bertrand
  4. Ok 500k RS3 and last bid.
  5. Give you 5mil for it
  6. The rapier itself has a 10m cash out value and its an extremely rare item to get. Looking for more serious offers. Highest bid is 5m
  7. Too late picking the 10m, why would you get a rapier on a lvl 3 account anyways? You can't use it anyway.
  8. I'd place a bid but I'd like to see its stats first:/
  9. 5M and 1 coin! (Yes for real)
  10. you said it was a skiller and you didnt show all the skills...
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    another question is why you would even have this account given the little use you have on it.
  11. Vouch for my man Carnage, trusted him with many of my accouns, never took my wealth despite it being over 500m.
  12. Ok lets get it real. 10M here
  13. Bump -- only notable skills are 72 firemaking and 34 dungeoneering.. currently leeching on it to make it worth more. I was planning to start a new project and got the rapier in treasure hunter so i decide I wanted to sell it.
    It's as rare as receiving the 200m prize from Treasure Hunter.

    Thank you Cabbage.
    Highest bid 11m
  14. nvm not worth my time
  15. 3 Mesos.
  16. This thread is like a chick in a club. It seems good and looks nice then you go inside and the disappointment hits you because you realised you just got the ugly friend (AKA the off-hand version).

    I'll put 12m for shits and gigs
  17. A rapier is a rapier.
  18. Can't use a shield.

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