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  1. Hey guys,
    If anyone wants i am going to share the JAVA tutorial that you can pay for over at
    Its a video course, and it really features some good stuff if you want to start with JAVA.
    I am uploading it as we speak.
    So Yes, there is no download link yet, cuz its still uploading.
    In the pictures below you can find whats in the folders.

    All the videos are in HD!
    If you still think that i want to harm your pc, then please, just don't download the files.

    I am a trusted person, i would never do anything to harm ANY Runemate user.

    Here is the download link:


    PS: if this is not allowed, then just delete the thread and send me a PM please.

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  2. OMG OMG OMG! Ok...
  3. Or just download it from kickass or tpb.
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  5. God bless you @kristiaan would be cool if you could highlight the crucial parts to pay attention to if we intend on learning how to use java for scripting on runemate
  6. This will teach you the basics of Java.
    There is a tutorial which is even more basic, and i am planning on sharing it sooner and later.
    But, after this course you should be able to check out open source scripts bots, analyze them, and then you should be able to script bot for RuneMate.
    You just need to understand Java and you should be able to start coding :)
    I can vouch for a few bot authors here, that learned scripting, by just looking at the code.

    To view open source scripts bots, you need to do this:

  7. Yeah but java is not that easy to read. Pascal on the other hand is lot easier, atleast in my opinion.
  8. Thats what this course is for, once you know the language, you should be able to understand it better :)
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  9. Arbiter says you're allowed to share it here :)
  10. Thanks for confirming that :) I know that it will help other members :) and it might bring in some new developers :D
  11. Lynda tutorials on programming languages is horrible. Wouldn't recommend at all.
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  12. Theres a new version I think

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