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Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by AaronStrack, Apr 26, 2016.

  1. Any updates on the development of the mac Spectre client?


    anxious mac user
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  2. same i want to know too!!!!
  3. Im waiting to come on baby!
  4. Same here...Wasting my bond membership here :p
  5. You could always play on a virtual machine until the Mac client is fixed. Don't know how safe it is, but you could look into it. I've been doing it for a a week now with no problem.
  6. what machine? can you do this for iphone and ipods?
  7. I'm not entirely sure about ipods or iphones. I'm currently running a Mac which has parallels and it's running Windows 10. You could also use Vmware, which is cheaper, or Virtual Box. Virtual Box is free also. I'm not sure how good Virtual box handles games though.
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  8. Ok so if they haven't had the time to start working on a mac client, why can't they just put up the old mac client for us to use? At least until they start working on one because i know a lot of us, myself include, don't have the resources or money to pay for virtual machines and such. So would it be a problem if we used the previous version of RuneMate?
  9. dude he just said the RS updates wont allow the old client to work, Im in the same boat as you waiting on a Mac client, waited for spectre now mac users gota wait even longer
  10. Because the admin team would then need to manage two Runemate clients with every update and change that Jagex make. They do not have the time or resources to do this.

    Just be patient - either use a VM or Bootcamp, or wait.
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  11. As I've stated above, Virtual box is free. Windows 10 is free, at least it was, and Linux is free! Linux is my preferred choice anyways. So you don't have to spend anything.
  12. i remember when this first update came out and asked why every other comp system was working but the mac and they told me is was their top priority......
  13. Probably because majority are window users, just a shot in the dark though. Suck for us, but there are war around it if you're really eager:)
  14. It originally was but some unexpected issues arose that was preventing an even larger percentage of users than mac users from using the client. Most of them have been worked out but there's a couple more in the way.
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