Resolved (MAC) Runemate using too much juice

Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by Enigmacy, Oct 10, 2015.

  1. Hello guys i've been using runemate for a while now and i've always had this issue. How much juice is runemate supposed to use? [​IMG]
    Ram seems to be ok I have 8gb. I know my laptop is a little old, but I feel its using too much form an I7.
    Can anyone help me fix this please
  2. Anything above 3 GB is not good.
    Does this occur with a single bot, or with any bot ?
    If it occurs only when using a specific bot, then report the issue to the bot author.
    If it occurs with all bots, you can try using an program the auto cleans your RAM every minute.
    Take a look at

    I do believe there's a known issue between RuneMate and MAC OSX, but not sure.
    @Arbiter will help you out if it's MAC related.
  3. CPU usage is almost entirely dependent on the bot you use.

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  4. @Arbiter I experience the same heat & cpu usage with every bot I use. Maxi fletcher, Pi Chopper, Mass Fighter, maxi cooker just to name a few. I do have a program that cleans my ram regularly, but it seems ram here is not an issue. @Microsoft I always have more than 3gb of free ram when I'm Botting. Perhaps the issue is with darks cape its self. I have no experience botting on rs3 or osrs

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