Macroing minor vs Macroing major

Discussion in 'Discussions' started by lolicon, Jul 13, 2015.

  1. So I created two accounts today, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Both accounts used the tutorial island script bot. One survived and the other received an insta-permaban. This got me thinking, a few years ago i botted on my main and received a 14 day ban (macroing minor) and minor rollback (used a fishing bot 24/7 lol). Whereas I just ran a script bot to complete the tutorial island and BAM instaban, whereas the other account I created today is still fishing.
    What really consitutes macroing major/minor?
  2. Almost every ban now days is macroing major, they don't really give macroing minor anymore
  3. I thought they would give a macroing minor to a p2p player
  4. No they dont want to seem bias, so now they just wont ban a P2P player. Whereas F2P players get insta-perm bans.
  5. really?
  6. That's not confirmed but its pretty obvious that Jagex is a money hungry machine that dosent care if people bot.
  7. so 90% of the people that complain they were banned are f2p lol? and their still surprised they got banned?
  8. This doesn't seem right because if I wanted money I wouldn't ban the F2P players but I would ban the P2P players. That way F2P players have the chance to upgrade to members and the P2P that get banned just make new accounts.
  9. Perhaps....
    However, Only a small percentage of f2p players would actually bother slaving to earn a bond, making money in f2p is very frustrating and takes real commitment. I doubt the majority of f2p would bother. People are satisfied with their lobsters and cowhide bots in f2p, earning them an income irl.
    If you had an ongoing payment Jagex games studios and u suddenly got banned 1/3 into the month you're still gonna have to pay for it, even if its a minor ban you're still missing out on half a months membership which you paid for. I can understand some of your reasoning that some p2p players would just make a new account and become p2p because when you play p2p for a long time you become some what spoiled.
  10. I kinda wrote that assuming that gold farmers weren't the 90% of F2P accs being banned and it was actually real players who decided to bot to save time but since it is gold farmers I guess this is right.

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