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  1. My Skype: live:mahuron123


    ~Average Prices~
    (These are prices for botted skills)

    It's better if you add me on skype for further deals/discounts on prices.


    1-99 in any easy skill for 75M RS3

    1-99 in any hard skill for 150M RS3

    ~Buy Multiple skills for discounts ~

    ~ Powerleveling ~

    No hidden costs, no hourly rates, no bullshit.

    Prices will be gp/xp

    To make pricing quicker you can just give me the EXACT amount of experience you need. But giving me the levels work as well.

    ALL Powerleveling prices have changed therefore please contact me via skype for updated prices.

    Disclaimer: Third party software is used for some powerleveling.

    ~ Quests ~


    Same as powerleveling, more quests equals better prices.

    All Quests prices may have changed, so contact me on Skype if you need quests completing!


    Order Form

    Type Of Order: powerleveling/questing/etc
    Accept the Terms of Service: Yes/No
    Added me on skype? Yes/No
    Payment method - Rs3GP/PayPal

    (If paying via PayPal price will be $0.42/m)​
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  2. To be honest... I think those quest prices are a bit high...
  3. Which prices to be exact? And it clearly says under average prices to contact me via Skype for better prices.

    *EDIT: I definitely understand if you say the PayPal price is high, that's because this is the first time I will be accepting PP and I'm trying to discourage people from using it. I would prefer they buy the gold from someone else.
  4. I mean, 14m for medium long, that would be about an hour right?
  5. Oh, I don't actually charge that much. But some quests are longer than they are rated. I just put up the prices just to give an idea. I change the price depending on the quest.
  6. I can in fact vouch for this guys he's done a few quests for me in the past and i'm pretty sure he holds a record for completing desert treasure in a stupid amount of time. (Extremely quick)
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  7. I don't understand quest prices. If I had a Novice and very short quest, does that mean I have to pay 300k + 300k?
  8. Exactly. If you look at a quest it will give you a difficulty and a length, so those will correlate to my prices. But if we talk about a price on Skype it could be cheaper, because even though the quest might be rated long, it could actually be a pretty fast quest. So always make sure we talk on Skype first.

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