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  1. it is a sad day today....

    my account which is over 10 years old, has been banned this morning :(

    I just started playing runescape again roughly 2 weeks ago after a 5 year hiatus from playing the game. I botted a little bit before i quit the game, which helped me get 99 fishing. When i came back to the game 2 weeks ago I decided I was going to bot again because I wasn't going to play the game without it.

    I botted perfectly fine for the last 2 weeks, usually only keeping my bots running for no more than 6 hours. I would switch skills frequently. However last night I decided to get risky - I left the script bot 'Mass FIghter' on during the night while I slept so that I could train my attack level.

    When I woke up i saw that the runemate client had been logged out and the top said 'Thanks for using Mass Fighter!'

    When i tried to log back in it said that my account has been locked :(

    Its been a real long journey runescape, I enjoyed playing every minute of you even when I wasn't botting. I have absolutely no desire to make another account and continue to play. RIP
  2. Sorry to hear you got banned bro :(
    Yesterday, you botted over day and over night ?
  3. been botting fine for several weeks and no ban, on dxp weekend I botted for around 60 hours with little to no breaks
  4. No - Just over night

    Howver since i noticed at the top of runemate client it said 'Thanks For Using Mass Fighter!' I know that the bot either logged out, timed out, or bugged out and didnt not actually end up botting through out the entire night.

    I have sent an appeal to see if maybe I can get the acc back because it said my account was locked not banned.

    Maybe im just giving my self false hope : /
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    @Mkl Your experience is not my experience and vise versa
  5. What does it say on the offences page?
  6. It will not let me see my account status untill jagex replies to my appeal. @Microsoft
  7. Where did you use " Massfighter " and what were you killing?
  8. bro your not banned your locked. which means someone tried to recover your account
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  9. @MassBot It was probably just my 3rd or 4th time using mass fighter .. but I was in the Stronghold Of Security killing Ankou and Ghosts
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    @douglas2k8 Thats what Im thinking too, however I can't do anything about this untill the company replies back to my appeal
  10. Wouldn't it say that "your account is disabled" if it were banned? I think someone may have tried to recover it and it's just locked. Check the account status on the RS website ASAP.
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  11. Let us know when you get a reply back from Jagex with details. And if this is a ban or a recovery.
  12. @MassBot Will Do ! @Falixus As stated before, I can't check my account status untill jagex replies to my appeal
  13. Oops, didn't see that. Fingers crossed for you. :)
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  14. @MassBot @Falixus Turns out it was just a false alarm.. Some one was trying to hack in while i had the bot running.. I am up and running again.
  15. Awesome bro, glad to hear :D
    Apart from being almost hacked, banned would suck twice as hard :p
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  16. That's good to hear. You should enable two factor authentication to make sure they don't hack into the account. :)

    Best of luck.
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  17. He should also clean his PC using Malwarebytes and some RAT detectors.
    Id advice him to also use an Anti-Keylogger program like Zemana [after cleaning]
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  18. Awesome! Great to hear. I wish you good luck in the future.
  19. I was praying with each post I scrolled by, that you didn't preemptively apologize for botting or something along those lines, and end up getting an almost hacked account banned out of ignorance of the situation. I'm glad you got it back ok! (y)
  20. damn, that sucks but people should avoid botting over night.
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