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    Hey there. I am running a secondary program to let me know how much data I'm using. I am on a rural connection and the only ISPs available out here all have data caps. When I am running runescape + runemate I am using 3-4 gigs of data AN HOUR. Not sure of why this is, but im hoping someone has a clue as to why. When I play legit I use nowhere even close to this much. Its also weird that the data used is almost exactly half between runemate and runescape.

    Thanks in advance for your help!
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    Post #2 by Arbiter, Apr 22, 2016
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    Your secondary program is counting LAN (Local Area Network) traffic as WAN (Wide Area Network). RuneMate and RuneScape uses LAN to communicate between the two applications, which would explain why the two are relatively equal. This also means that none of this traffic is using your internet service since it's all local. You can verify this with your ISP to be sure. You may also want to use a better network statistics application that can separate between the two as they are very different.

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