RS3 Make scripts we actually need!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by Jesse, Apr 16, 2015.

  1. Got bloody 5 div scripts bots and 6 rc scripts bots but we don't even have a working fletcher or firemaker.

    Scripters please put personal projects aside and make things we need.

    inb4 we code myself but I work 3 jobs. If you want to try to teach me, be happy to learn. Just got fuck all time.
  2. The perks of being a bot author:
    • We can make the bots that we want.
    • We ignore people that demand shit without contributing anything.
    • We can make the bots that we want.
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  3. RuneMate is a freshly started project. More scripts bots will be out soon. Now we have finals, exams so be patient a little.

  4. He does contribute. I personally agree with him, although it is good to have 2-3 of the same type of script bot for variety aswell as competition etc but not 6, that is stupid, there are tones of scripts bots that could be done and i don't believe anyone can say runemate is not capable of those scripts bots either.
  5. The bot authors will do as they please, I don't know who you think you are trying to demand them to do something.
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  6. I agree that for the good of ourselves and the community, we should refrain from writing bots of which there are already well-functioning versions on the bot store. I simply don't see the point, especially when the feature set is similar. It seems like a waste of time which could be used on other projects that maybe the bot authors themselves will need one day.

    Competition is good, of course, but the key in my above text is "well-functioning." If a bot is already good, competition might improve the bot a bit. But imo that little bit of improvement isn't worth it when there are plenty of other useful projects to undertake.
  7. demand no, suggest yes.
  8. I agree. But also remember, they're volunteering.
  9. No. The title says "MAKE scripts bots WE ACTUALLY NEED!!!" which is an imperative, an order, which is a synonym of demand.
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  10. Finally - someone on the internet with a more-than-mediocrehorrendous sense of grammar. I love you.
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  11. I just wanted to say this.
  12. I think he was trying to say what is commonly approved by the general crowd and what not. Suggest yes, demand no. Demanding isn't a good thing, suggesting is.
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  13. I could chuck together a working fletcher in about 10 minutes. Should I?
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  14. @Bertrand beat me to it.
    Although it is true that Jesse was making a command, I think Dryrr was referring to a substantial portion of the community who would not be as angry or demanding as Jesse was in the OP, but share the same conceptual point of view.
  15. That would be cool, I could use some fletching training myself.
  16. I personally only make bots that I need. There is no contract or anything that says which bots I have to do.
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  17. @Savior
    Of course there's no contract. But why would you
    to write a bot that someone else has already written (and which works well)? If the already written one was crappy, then that's a different story. In this case, however, many of the bots aren't crappy.
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  18. What's wrong with my bonfire bot? Or do you need it for osrs? Also is the only problem with my fletcher that it gets stuck with the knife selected?
  19. I whole-heartedly agree with you. In fact, i even suggested this in the dev chat because it serves no purpose to have more than 2 types of the same bot.
  20. Competition?

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