OSRS Making new main with RuneMate

Discussion in 'Goals' started by GOD, Jan 2, 2015.

  1. I will upload a picture everyday and i will bot safe only 4to 8hrs a day
    level 1 everything starting today

    Day one and i got 20 + def
    Day two i got 30 def and 50 str and att

    day three in progress got a bond and 1m 07
    got 70 str

    day four
    got 60 def and 60 attack

    From now on each time i achieve a goal i will donate to runemate will post goals below

    70 Strength Achieved
    50 Attack Achieved
    75 Strength incomplete
    60 Attack Achieved
    waterfall quest incomplete
    monkey madess incomplete
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  2. You can easily bot more, just change skills every 2-3 hours.
  3. when i used osbot i got banned if i botted more then 5hrs in a row most of the time going to upload a my first picture soon
  4. I wish you the best of luck!
  5. thanks
  6. updated
  7. Have fun !
  8. Good luck my friend.
  9. will post picture when i get home
  10. Updated new picture
  11. going well i see :)
  12. updated
  13. Damn looking good :D You should make me an 07 account ;)
  14. Maybe should've done MM and Waterfall and all the free combat exp quests before you botted. Would've made it faster.
  15. yeah but i was not going to do quest on it and i am still not sure if i am going to do it
  16. updated
  17. you wish you could bot monkey madness and waterfall quest with runemate ;)

    maybe one day
  18. nah it is algood i get pay for work soon i will be supporter soon :)
  19. will update bank soon with some pictures how do i make sopliers ?

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