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Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by Hestium123, Apr 28, 2016.

  1. Hey guys on the latest update my AV software is auto removing malware every time i try to update. Have used the software for months and never had an issue with my AV and the software before. It also does it when downloading from the Website. Moreover its not just a warning it is physically quarantining Trojans.
  2. Believe there's a post about this elsewhere, where the obfuscation is causing AV's to throw a false positive or something.
  3. Is it flagging the .exe or the .jar? We'll contact all the problematic antivirus manufacturers you guys list and try to get it cleared up.
  4. ive had a malware warning for downloading the .exe file. did ignore it tho
    OS: windows 10
    Antivirus: Windows defender & Avira
  5. It turns out that it's flagging our installers that are used to update the client. There's also at least 2 antiviruses flagging our standalone jar file. We're working on it.
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  6. Panda antivirus also detect s as a virus but i ignore just throwing out there
  7. Simple solution: get rid of avira
  8. avast! detects as a virus aswell


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