Resolved Massive Lag when running any script (even blank script)

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  1. When ever I run Runemate it keeps getting reset every time I run it. (The configuration of graphics) Any thoughts? @Cloud
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  2. I can confirm it is happening, I've seen it , but as I told you I think it is not an unknown problem xD
  3. Have you tried both local and non-local scripts bots and seen any difference?
  4. Yep actually we solved the massive lag problem by installing Java 64-bit version :p
    But his bot graphics configuration keeps getting reset
  5. i receive massive lag on my good pc i built, but on my laptop there is no lag makes no sense. yes java and shit is all updated and i have 64bit version also tired changing graphics.
  6. I fixed that problem for myself by creating user environment variables to point to the java folder (which overrides the system environment variables) iirc.
  7. I'm finding that the bot is pretty much unusable for me, through lag the minute I start a script bot. It lags that much that RS logs me out to the lobby by the time the client unfreezes. Any suggestions?
  8. Make sure you're running 64-bit Java
  9. Yeah that actually had nothing to do with it, I believe I'm probably running 32-bit, I just had to allocate more memory to Java. I also created a .bat which I now launch RuneMate from. Thank you however for your suggestion!
  10. What is in the .bat file?

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