RS3 Massive success?

Discussion in 'RS3' started by mjack360, Sep 11, 2016.

  1. Has anyone had massive success using these bots? I.e fully maxed account, a couple of 99's, no hard or soft bans.
  2. Have a read through the various threads found in the screenshots sub-forum.

    Plenty of progress reports and botting journeys in there:

  3. I've got a couple of 99s and almost 2k total level :p
  4. Nice! I'm afraid to run some on my main so I'm trying to get a group consensus to see whether or not it would be worth it.
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  6. 14 99's, 250m+ xp total, 2100+ total level, 48 hr ban only.
  7. How are you training invention? Are you using bots to do any of the invention related training, or are you doing it manually?
  8. Ken Bone 4 Runemate
  9. Im almost maxed using runemate. Its just most of the skills left dont have a working bot. 6 skills left.
  10. If you want to train invention, augment black salamanders and Use QveWaterfiend, Easy XP
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  11. Or ganos with gano and a staff of light/crystal staff

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