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  1. Obtain Graceful outfit

  2. Combat stats (Slayer is included)

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  3. Questing

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  4. Get Quest cape requirements.

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  5. Void range set

  1. Currently 48 hour ban.

    Hello guys.
    Recently i decided to do a bot max cape from scratch series using only Runemate & The bots provided. The only legit thing i can do is questing, bossing & Diary tasks.

    This will be interactions from you guys where you vote what i do out x amount of questions in a voting poll.

    I will post frequently about my progress not showing my stats off as of yet in case there are a few jagex lurkers.

    Rules - I cannot have any interaction to and from my legit account providing wealth etc. Membership can only be done via bonds earnt from bots.

    Current Quest's done -

    Cook's Assistant

    Imp Catcher

    Priest in Peril

    Druidic Ritual

    Dwarf Cannon

    Witch's Potion

    Romeo and Juliet

    Vampire Slayer

    Doric's Quest

    Goblin Diplomacy

    The Restless Ghost

    Sheep Shearer

    Rune Mysteries

    Jungle Potion

    Plague City

    RFD Cook

    RFD Goblin

    RFD Dwarf

    RFD Pirate

    RFD Ogre

    The Knight's Sword

    Ernest the Chicken

    Pirate's Treasure

    Prince Ali Rescue

    Lost City

    Waterfall Quest

    Fight Arena

    Fishing Contest

    Gertrude's Cat

    Big Chompy Bird Hunting

    Tribal Totem

    Witch's House

    Hazeel Cult

    Elemental Workshop I

    Clock Tower
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  2. Good luck!
  3. Nice project, good luck!!
  4. Hopefully, you'll end up maxed very soon(tm) ;)
  5. I give you up to total level 700 :p
  6. Challenge excepted;)
  7. I got 99 fletch and 99 cook from old client and spectre. 100% botted haha GL
  8. good luck
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    teach me your ways lol
  9. Use the make-over mage!

    jk, just fletch on normal playing hours and don't get greedy. Have a variety of skills to bot so it's not suspicious.
    Fletching at GE or Castle Wars reduces the chance for reports.
    Generally just do Family crest for cooking and go cook at Rogues Den. If you're babysitting the bot just respond to some questions like: 'What series are you guys watching whilst cooking?' or 'lvl'.
    Don't get greedy just because the sharks prices are godlike!
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  10. Sorry for the lack of progress, been busy irl not been able to get up out of bed due to suffering certain health issues. But managed to log on for a couple of hours all being well, will update towards end of the night though.
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    Poll is up, choose your vote now!
  11. Void range set, because it's helpful af.
  12. 48 hour ban lol
  14. was @ 593 with 60ish qps XD

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