RS3 Maxed Skiller Progress

Discussion in 'Goals' started by q5EJXRlPG6WX, Aug 4, 2015.

  1. Hello everyone,

    Never really liked combat even back before the EoC Update, and still completely hate it, So i figured i would make a skiller and see how far i can get (hopefully completely maxed) But who knows, I will be updating this thread weekly.

    End of Day 1
  2. How many hours are botting a day?
    Any starting levels or cash?
  3. I bought it a bond, and then transfered the remaining money off the account, so no money is currently on the account.
    The account was started fresh, and made enough money to buy rune hatchet and pickaxe before i made it members.

    And i don't have an exact estimate on how many hours a day its going to be botting, usually while i sleep and some during the day.
  4. be careful with mning and woodcutting, higher ban rates then for example firemaking.
  5. ^ what that guy says.
    Been doing something similar lately, at 1050+ total now :).
    Wish you the best of luck with this and keep us updated!
  6. Probably wont be updated, I was botting 6 hours a day, 3 hours per skill, 2 different skills a day, and got banned in 3 days. If i do continue i probably wouldn't be using runemate to continue the progress of it.
  7. That sucks, used Runemate all the way and didn't got any bans (knocks wood).
    Well good then luck if you're gonna start again.
  8. I will probably start over again, but my other account i was training (using MassFighter) it was banned first, then i signed into the skiller account a few hours later, and it got banned instantly.

    I know i didn't bot either of them for over 8 hours a day, sometimes even less than that, Because i kept track of when i started and stopped the bots on a per day basis.

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