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  2. Sometimes while waiting while burning logs it will click to add logs to bonfire again, repeating for a while & slowing down XP gained. Perhaps the wait timer gets out of sync with the burning of the logs?

    Also, if the bot is 2 spaces away from a bonfire and an obstacle is in the way, it will keep trying to add to the bonfire even though it is out of reach.
  3. Odd. this is also happening with my Fletcher. Iirc I'm not using a tuner but rather waiting for the interface that says how many you've made to disappear. Ill look into it when I get home, it shouldn't be happening. And as for the obstacle, do you mean for example if theres a tree or wall blocking the view of the fire it doesn't rotate the camera and just keeps trying to interact with the non visible fire? Or that if there's a fire say on the other side of a gate that's closed it tries to interact with the fire anyway?
  4. If a fire is within 3 spaces it sees that a fire exists and then clicks the log and then selects 'add to bonfire', under these circumstances runescape won't allow you to automatically find the fire giving the message "there is no fire in range" or some thing like that, though the bot thinks its reachable.
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  5. Ahh, how close must the fire be for it to be within range? That's an easy fix, i set it to the value i thought it was i swear i tested it lol
  6. The problem is when the fire is behind an obstacle, while it would normally work it doesn't.
  7. So you're saying if there's something in the direct path of you and the fire it doesn't work, but for the same distance without an object in the way, it does? If so i'll have to just get a straight path to the fire and check if there are any game objects between the end points
  8. Having stability issues, I'll come back often and it's stopped for some reason, but its difficult to know what.
  9. I'll look into it. Gah i swear all my scripts bots decided to develop bugs at the same time
  10. I get "Exiting Bank Area" after it has walked out of the bank and it just idles for a while.

    The problems seems to be with "No fires in range, lighting a fire."
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  11. Will this support the bonfire in Prifddinas anytime soon?
  12. If an account can be lent to me to implement it, sure :)
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  13. I can do that. Would you need my bankpin?
  14. Probably not :) Arbiter also offered his account but doesn't want me to actually run the bot. Would you mind if i ran it to confirm its working?
  15. Preferably not to be honest, maybe like a round or two but not long term. I value my account a lot.
  16. Yeah it's okay, i don't reckon i'll need to anyway
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  17. Write it on Arbi's account and I'll give it a test run.
  18. Will do. I'll let you know when it's out. Should be some time tomorrow hopefully.
  19. Awesome, I'm looking forward to using it. Got 92-99 banked but never bothered getting the 99 :p
  20. Don't forget to make it collect those flying things that give runes and charms and such!

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