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  1. Hey guys, thought i'd just make a quick thread to show the status of all my scripts bots that are in the works.
    Each script bot that has been released links to the resource page for that script bot.

    if you'd like to see extra areas supported just request them on the corresponding script bot thread and i'll add them asap.


    MaxiWoodcutter (RS3 + OSRS)
    MaxiTutorialSolver (OSRS)
    MaxiFlaxPicker (RS3 + OSRS)
    MaxiFisher (RS3 + OSRS)
    MaxiWealthCalculator (OSRS)
    MaxiBoneBurier (RS3 + OSRS)
    MaxiAreaBuilder (RS3 + OSRS)
    MaxiWorldWalker (RS3 + OSRS)
    MaxiFriendDeleter (OSRS)
    MaxiChickenKiller (OSRS)
    MaxiBonfires (RS3)
    MaxiAlcher (RS3 + OSRS)
    MaxiCooker (OSRS)

    MaxiSuperheater (RS3 + OSRS)
    MaxiPineSplitter (RS3)
    MaxiFletcher (RS3)
    MaxiHerblore (RS3)
    MaxiSmelter (RS3)
    MaxiCannonBalls (RS3)
    MaxiMonks (RS3 + OSRS)
    MaxiTanner (RS3 + OSRS)
    MaxiCrafter (RS3)
    MaxiThiever (RS3 + OSRS)
    MaxiMiner (RS3)
    MaxiPlankMaker (RS3)
    MaxiWebExtender (RS3 + OSRS)
    MaxiScriptScheduler (RS3 _+ OSRS)
    ManifestGenerator (RS3 + OSRS)

    MaxiConstruction (RS3)

    Testing Phase:




    Not Released:


    Not Started:


    MaxiQuests (Won't be started until all/most of the others have been released)
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  2. Good luck with your maxi projects bro :p
  3. Thanks buddy, didn't realize just how many i had written until i made this thread :p
  4. It's looking great, bud.
    Let me know if I can help you with them in any way.
  5. Thanks man, will do. If you had script bot pushing privileges you'd be my bitch ;)
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  6. MaxiBonfires has been pushed through, I tried to do it yesterday from my phone but for some reason my browser was throwing a fit when I tried to create a new bot store entry.
  7. Odd lol, thanks for that man. My superheater should be done in a day or two as well, just gotta find the time to finish it
  8. MaxiSuperHeater has been released :) Now working on finishing MaxiPineSplitter and MaxiFletcher for release in the next 48 hours.
  9. Congrats on the release, bud.
  10. MaxiPineSplitter has been released! Enjoy :)
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  11. Thanks a lot to Aidden for getting me 99 woodcutting.
    His scripts bots are flawless, effective, and fast.
    Looking forward to see what else he creates!
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  12. MaxiFletcher is now in development! If anyone has an account on OSRS so i could add support for that it would be great. I'm also in need of both OSRS and RS3 accounts that have decent thieving, magic and construction. Thieving can be on its own. They would be used to help further the development and testing of MaxiThiever, MaxiLarderMaker, MaxiChairMaker and MaxiTabMaker.
  13. Quite an impressive list of scripts bots you are workin on there. Any intentions of taking requests for private scripts bots? :)
  14. Perhaps. It would depend on the scripts bots complexity and time required to write it. I'm a full time uni student so i have to balance my time between uni, home and scripting. Most of my scripts bots atm could do with a rewrite imo but they're perfectly functional. The only thing really holding me back from devving faster other than time is lack of accounts with the requirements necessary. I don't play the game and i don't have my botfarm running so i don't have any cash coming in to buy memberships atm. All that being said, if you have any scripts bots you'd like made post them here or send me a pm and i'll let you know if i'm able to whip something up.
  15. Im not really after a script bot thats just "thrown" together. Im looking for something not exactly indepth but with a few specific parameters. I would much prefer to share more details on specifics in pm however. I would like it to be intelligent and as humanlike as possible in saying so I have several ideas in how to achieve this.

    Lending you an account with requirements, or providing you with id's and such should be of no concern, and with members being purchasable with rsgp ingame membership would also be no problem. perhaps we should have a chat on skype sometime?
  16. I can follow any instructions you give me given they're not ridiculous. I also use names rather than ids to minimize the risk of my scripts bots breaking when jagex change things. If this is not possible i can use other things like models/model hash/appearance etc. Runemate has a vast toolkit for identifying objects and the like :) Sure thing man, i'll pm you my skype
  17. For the record, private scripts bots and their sales are fully supported by RuneMate without regulation for the immediate future. We can accomodate them into our SDN for easy deployment and updating as well. Additionally, I totally vouch for Aidden and his programming skills. He's been doing some great work here. :)
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  18. Have certainly piqued my curiosity now, Looking forward to discussing the possibilities :D
  19. Currently working on writing a nice fletcher for all you guys! Should be out some time next week :)
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  20. MaxiFletcher has been released! Unfortunately i wasn't able to implement the subtask system in this version but it will most definitely be added in the future.
    MaxiHerblore has also been released. At the moment it only supports cleaning as i don't have a members account but if anyone wants to lend me an account i'll add in potions asap :)

    Currently working on MaxiSmelter :p
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