MaxiCooker 1.0.10

Bringing dinner to your table.

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    MaxiCooker - Bringing dinner to your table.

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  2. Does this cook sweetcorn?
  3. At the moment it only cooks all fish but i can VERY easily add sweetcorn for the next update. Basically just one line of code :)
  4. That would be great!

    Such a good low level item to level up on.

    But I think it has to be cooked on a 'range'? I could be wrong
  5. Interesting, if so i'll have to implement some way of notifying the user that it only works on a range before they start the script bot
  6. I think most people know, if not make a little tab that has "ranges only" and put sweetcorn underneath it?!?
  7. hey man how safe is your script bot? I want to bot on my main but I am scared i will get banned :/
  8. afaik no one's been banned using it but that's not to say it's safe. No bot is safe. As long as you bot limited hours, take breaks and do other things in between you should be fine.
  9. Hey Aidden, I just added the script bot to my collection, but it wont appear when I look for it under bots. :(
    Do you know what causes the problem?
  10. Hey Aidden, I also added the script bot to my collection and it does not appear. So you know Bubble is not the only one. Good luck with your scripts bots, they are very nice :)
  11. Are you running RS3? Because it only supports OSRS at the moment. Thanks Damian :)
  12. Sorry for quite a late reply, and yea. I am running on RS3 ;)
  13. Okay interesting, so it's not appearing the script bot selector? or it does nothing when you run it?
  14. It doesnt appear at all in the script bot selector, but all other scripts bots does
  15. Oh derp derp what am i saying. Clearly wasn't thinking when I replied. It only supports osrs that's why its not showing up in your selector. If you load the client in osrs mode it'll show up
  16. Ahhh, I understand :p
  17. are you adding rs3 support anytime soon?

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