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Everyday i'm chiseling.

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  2. Could you possibly also add silver tiaras?

    All the script bot would have to do is withdraw silver bars and smelt them into tiaras in lumbridge.
  3. Sure can :)
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  5. Thanks for adding tiaras to the script bot, but I have had the following issues...

    1. I started it at the lumbridge chest bank with an empty inventory, and it ran all the way to al-Kharid bank.
    2. When it arrived at al-Kharid bank it logged out.
    3. I tried restarting it, this time with the silver bars in its inventory. It opened the bank, and the script bot message "not enough coins" appeared and it logged out.

    I was using EOC on minimum graphics. Was the issue with my settings?
  6. Ah crap by the looks of it i've broken my banking task
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  7. Is there any ETA on the fix? I am eagerly waiting to use this script bot...

  8. Ill try and get it fixed tonight. As you know I don't have an internet connection at home so I've been using a notebook at my mums for development which is starting to play up and run extremely slow so I haven't been able to develop anything. Yesterday I synchronized all my script bot files with the svn so I should be able to continue devving on a different pc
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  9. Pushing a silent update that should fix the banking, let me know if it doesn't.
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  10. When crafting bracelets or other items that require 2 ingredients, it will often misclick Withdraw all instead of withdraw 13/14 and then will attempt to withdraw all of the other even though the inventory is full. It will continue this forever.
  11. How often does this happen?
  12. I have a suggestion for burthrope banking. Instead of banking from the frontside, you should change it to the backside of the bank. I think it's a shorter route.
  13. Correct me if i'm wrong but im pretty certain i don't even support burthorpe right now.

    Glad to hear that. Yeah certainly, i didn't even know they existed haha.
  14. Oh yes Aidden, regarding the harps: they get out of tune sometimes, making you have to repair them.
    You well get a message in the chatbox saying 'Your harp is x% out of tune.'
    Ideally you can wait until 40% decay, because when retuning your harp, you get free construction xp too :)
  15. Ahh sounds interesting. I'll look into it soon. Will hopefully have internet in less than 14 days
  16. It just logs me out when i try to run the script bot for ruby necklace :l
  17. What does the status say? Try withdrawing some money into the money pouch. It uses a shared banking class and i think i broke it when adding in money support for another script bot.
  18. Mine constantly says doesn't have enough money in pouch and logs out, I have 10m...Ill try withdrawing some now
  19. I do have 5m in pouch but it just logs me out :l

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