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  2. script bot works perfectly. Ran flawless for the past 3 hours!
  3. I'm still wondering how you got this to work with that interaction bug.. can you please pm me the part of the code where you click the fishing spot? <3

  4. Appears to be broken:
    Code (Text):
    1. Exception in thread "Bot-MaxiFisher" (10:09:50) java.lang.InstantiationError: co
    3. (10:09:50)      at fisher.Places.<clinit>(
    4. (10:09:50)      at fisher.GUI$2.<init>(
    5. (10:09:50)      at fisher.GUI.<init>(
    6. (10:09:50)      at fisher.Fisher.onStart(
    7. (10:09:50)      at
    8. mb:34)
    9. (10:09:50)      at
  5. Gah. Apparently a lot of my scripts bots didn't actually push when i patched the area change. I'll try and have this fixed later today. Just at uni atm
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  6. It won't drop Anchovies when fishing Shrimp and vice versa unless you select both Anchovies and Shrimp by holding Ctrl while selecting them both. Took me a while to figure this out so you might want to add that to the original post!
  7. Will do, however i'll probably update the script bot in the future to work in a better way.
  8. Alright, cool. Will you support banking anytime soon?
  9. Yeah :) I'm just about to start my last week of semester so i've been a little busy so i had to delay it.
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  10. Awesome!
  11. Ive been having problems with this script bot, It doesnt seem to drop fish for me.
  12. Osrs or rs3? Legacy mode? Which fish?
  13. rs3,
    I havent been playing on legacy mode,
    so far Ive tried shrimp and salmon, it droped shrimp a couple of times, but salmon... not at all.
  14. Hmm interesting. Ill take a look in the morning. Thanks for reporting the bug
  15. np thanks for helping :)
  16. Yeah I used the script bot last night for a couple hours and i noticed the following bugs
    -Seems to click on same spot non stop, doesn't try the ones next to it until the current one disappears.
    -When you're fishing it catches other fish and only drops the ones selected in GUI,
    -Very rarely walks to a different spot at Catherby. Like some spots it gets stuck at.
  17. I have my last assignments due today so once i've done them i'll look into both of these issues.
  18. Sweet! I'm not complaining by the way at all just reporting bugs I've encountered.
  19. Sorry i haven't fixed this yet, haven't got around to looking into it.

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