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Just flax it!

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    MaxiFlaxer - Just flax it!

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  2. Isn't this a high ban rate?
  3. I've heard it is but back when i used to have a bot farm i practically never got banned using it.
  4. I figured, cause it used to have a huge ban rate before aswell. :D
  5. doesn't walk to bank, seems broken as hell why is this still up?
  6. When no one reports problems and i don't use them myself, i can't know if it's broken or not...
  7. any plans on updating?

    Picks fine but has massive trouble trying to walk to the bank
  8. Hopefully soon, it uses primitive walking systems because it was written before web walking was released. Won't be difficult to fix, just need to be able to actively test it
  9. does this spin flax?
  10. "Picks flax below Seers Village"
  11. is there any free bot that spins flax then (for OSRS), I can't seem to find one :/
  12. for when im in the bank, it manages to click the magnifying glass to search instead of the deposit inventory. is there anyway to fix this? so i dont need to babysit my account?
  13. @Cloud
  14. @Aidden
    could you add it running to the spinning wheel then spinning it. Good exp and money. All you have to remember is to keep opening the door of the house
  15. Added to the todo list
  16. My biggest anticipation is the spinning update.
  17. Ye OSRS botstore kinda seem to be lacking some crafting skill scripts bots. without much knowledge wouldnt a spinner @lumbridge be fairly easy to make?
  18. Yeah, I'd love a spinning at Lumbridge function.

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