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Making chemistry look like child's play.

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    MaxiHerblore - Making chemistry look like child's play.

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  2. Does nothing? Please fix or remove.
  3. I thought my client was broken because it was not working.

    Can we get a guide on how to use this bot correctly? Is there a certain location? Any requirements?
  4. @Aidden


    or get @Arbiter to remove it.

    I have 19k Avantoe I need to get rid of.
  5. I've only just got internet back. Please give me a chance to work through everything.
  6. Please prioritise this if you could, as we have no working herblore script bot now.
  7. What's wrong with it exactly?
  8. Cleaning herbs sucks balls experience-wise.

    Pot making is the real deal!
  9. It doesn't work, that's whats wrong with it.

    Can you test it and then write a short guide on how its supposed to be used?
  10. This.
  11. You need to be more specific than 'It doesn't work'. Does it do nothing at all? Are you in Eoc or Legacy mode? Does it work if you start with herbs in your inventory? What's the status when you start with/without herbs in the inventory?
  12. At G.e cleaning irit. Have irit leaf on my action bar and on preset 1.

    I start script bot and nothing happens, just says opening bank. I do a couple manual runs and put script bot off pause and still the same.
  13. Right i see, i'll look into it soon. Either today or tomorrow
  14. Works great thanks mate!
  15. Gathering data for potion support as we speak!
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  16. It won't take out new Grimy herbs when it finished cleaning them, however, if I start the script bot with herbs in Inventory, then it will do that, but it will not take out the grimy herbs after :(
  17. Does the version you are running have potion support? I dunno if that updates went through or not but if it has I probably screwed something up when adding that

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