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  1. Me and my brother both use RuneMate to bot and I must say it's a beautiful bot with various good scripts bots. (actually the JVM _interprets_ the bytecode so scripts bots is the proper word (not bots)) However, I found an issue that's quite annoying. My brother and I both have a supporter membership and both are allowed 3 instances. However, because my brother and I live in the same house and our router uses NAT we both have the same external IP and thus can only have a maximum of 3 bots running at a time while that should be 6 (3 on his account, 3 on mine). I don't know why RuneMate checks for IP instead of account limit but can you please remove this so it's possible to have a maximum of 6?

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  3. it is probably because there is no other way to check whether more than one instance is running properly. If you'd set up some virtual machines to bypass a local check of instances then it is kinda cheating the program.
    why not just both put in the money so you can both run 3 instances each :)

    so it ain't a bug it's a feature
  4. Not sure if you read it properly, but he states that he and his brother are already donating $3 each so they are allowed to run 6 instances. The problem though is that the runemate servers think they are one person because they are botting from the same house.

    @Jamey I suspect the servers are doing that because else you could just make multiple accounts and run them on on several PCs at your home.
  5. Hence the reason my answer is to spend that $6 into 1 account and share those 6 instances together unless that is against the terms of use.
  6. It is allowed in certain edge cases like the NAT configuration the OP has. We will not be removing the IP restrictions for reasons @Savior summarized well.

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