MaxiPineSplitter 1.0.3

No more split ends!

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    MaxiPineSplitter - No more split ends!

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    #1 Aidden, Sep 19, 2014
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  2. Just finished freminik trials does this still work @Aidden?
  3. Not a clue. Basically no one even used it lol.
  4. I used it till 94 :D works great! would be better if it would drop the logs though.
    Now it brings them to that stack place, which takes up alot of time and drops the xp/h potential :)
  5. so dropping by actionbar is faster than using them on the stack?
  6. Well yes, since you can hold the action bar key, and it will drop them all at once :p this place can give 100-120k xp/h when i do that by hand. your script bot (which works flawless for the rest <3 ) gives me only 55-70k xp/h.
    If you could add that option (that the user can chose, what method they want) i can garantee this will be one of the most used scripts bots on here! :D
    I would add the chose option, just for anti-ban reasons :) or that the script bot can switch on itself :)
    It would look more human if a person can get sick of it, and would like to afk more, that he/she can run over there and AFK at that pile.

  7. I like it, will use it!
  8. This script bot is sooo good!!! this got me from 85-98 already!!! almost 99!!! thank you so much @Aidden
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  9. @Aidden
    Can you make it doesn't click every3-4 seconds on the tree on the exact some time each time,
    that's really sucpicious.
  10. I noticed that after playing legit for some time, the script bot does not do that anymore... its weird :p

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