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  2. Selected Gold bars as my option but told me I don't have any resources.
  3. I've fixed this in the next update. Should be working as soon as the update gets pushed through. Thanks for the report.
  4. While smelting gold bars it only withdraws 27 at a time when the inventory can hold 28, also I constantly get "[WebPath failed, trying RegionPath]" when running to the bank from the furnace and it always walks to the same tile, a similar problem happens with Maxibonfires but without the repetitive tile issue.
  5. Thats okay its just a debug message to let me know what was happening if anyone has problems with he walking. The tile problem ill fix later . It shouldn't be withdrawing 27 that's really weird. Ill look into it when I get home. Thanks for the bug report
  6. Found the issue, i was using the ore amounts for superheating. It's fixed in the next release :)
  7. When smelting Steel bars it doesn't take in to account the last piece of coal in the inventory, basically meaning it'll work on the first inventory, but the next one will only withdraw the iron and no coal, that then leads to the bot creating iron bars -_-
  8. Interesting find, thanks for the report. This should be fixed in the next release
  9. Having same problem as Eynos
  10. Only finished exams yesterday so haven't gotten around to releasing any thing yet :)
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  12. Very interesting, by the looks of it i have used static sleep there when i should have used a dynamic one, i'll try and fix it soon. If you got baned because of this im sorry to hear that.
  13. I get back in to botting so as the memory leak is fix,
  14. Should be fixed now

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