MaxiSuperheater 1.0.91

It's getting hot in here, superheatin' your ores.

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    MaxiSuperheater - It's getting hot in here, superheatin' your ores.

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  2. Hey mate, the script bot isn't working for me.
    When I start it, it will just click on Superheat, but after that it will do nothing (It is meant to click on the ore afterwards)
    Any chances for you could take a look at it? :)
  3. Unfortunately I'm moving today so I don't think ill be able to but ill try to find a chance later. Did you start it with or without the items in your inventory? Try the one you didn't. And what was the status?
  4. Ahh okay :(
    None works for me, tryed both with and without items. But it seems to be a client thing, as all scripts bots are idling after starting them atm
  5. Pretty sure that clicking is broken atm, anything I can do to help fix it? =)
  6. Is it possible it doesn't work for mithril bars? i does 1 inventory and then banks and there are 2 coal left in my inventory. So it doesn't withdraw new coal for the next inventory.
  7. Hmm it shouldn't be doing that, i'll take a look soon,
  8. Okay i've made some changes but i can't actually test anything right now so let me know if it works, a message will be posted here when the update is out.
  9. Could you make it click a bit faster? It's working but around 1/2 of the speed it could be at. Thanks a lot!
  10. What do you mean click faster? It clicks when it's required to...
  11. Right now it clicks once the animation finished. It could be A LOT faster if it kind of spam clicked the superheart/gold ore. Try it our yourself and you'll most likely see what I mean. If not, PM me and I can share.
  12. He basically means that u can start casting a new superheat before the animation has stopped, changing this kind of matters alot in exp an hr.. can differ 2-300+ casts an hr
  13. Ah thats right, its easy to get the timing on legacy because you just wait for the interface to change between magic and inventory but on eoc youre using the actionbar. Ill add an option in the gui to spam click as well as a frequency. Not going to force it as it may increase the chance of bans

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