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  1. 40 mins? i made an account 4 days ago and it took 11 mins
  2. You disgust me. Have some proper manners and respect for scriptwriters that volunteer their time to create a script bot for nothing in return.


    @Raymondbl Did I do good this time? :)
  3. SHUT THE FUCK UP, im a supporter. i paid for the bot

  4. You never paid for the bot the bot is free!!
    you pay to su[pport the bot!

    your attitude stinks
  5. I have to say, when I used the tutorial island bot -> it got stuck in 2 different places; doors closed - > it starts to wander off.
  6. Did any of the above posters see my video on this bot? You can't even take a fucking smoke break and get back in time to see it finish.

    Regarding the result of you, 'hey', shitting on your keyboard and posting it as a reply, paying $1 gets you supporter, so don't make it a big deal..
  7. You don't pay for any bot. You merely support the site with a donation. MaxiTutorialSolver is a gift from Aidden to this community, nothing more and nothing less.

    I'm sure you're already well aware that you're supposed to give a (friendly) explanation of what went wrong on the appropriate thread, so I'm going to save myself time and not tell you that. To keep it short and simple: Help Aidden fix the problem or shut the fuck up and cry about it somewhere else.

    Please let Aidden know on his thread found here.

    This thread is closed as it adds no value at all. If you wish to reply to this then send me a message on my profile.
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