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  1. Hey guys,

    So i decided it's about time i let those of you who aren't in the developers chat know what's new in MaxiWoodcutter 2.0 as well as share some interface teasers.

    MaxiWoodcutter 2.0 is a complete rewrite of the public version. My main focus so far has been the new interface, which is now written in JavaFX which has proven difficult as it's my first real JFX interface, but it's coming along nicely. The new features include a 'Task list', which i've called an 'Activity list' instead due to an internal name clash. Instead of having all the options on the page and then having a button to add them as a new task in the list, which is the way i've seen most people implement this sort of thing, i've instead opted for what i think is a neater solution. You basically just add a new row to a table, and each column corresponds to a different setting. It's hard to explain in non-programming terms so here is a screenshot ;)


    From this image you can also see some of the other new features ;) You'll be able to specify the bank you want to bank at, so you wont be stuck with the default. You'll also be able to define your own areas whether it be for banking or powerchopping. These will be stored and loaded into the interface next time you load it :) You also have multiple options for what to do with the logs, as listed in the 'Disposal' column. The current options are to either bank, drop, burn on a bonfire, burn individually or fletch into shafts. Urns will also be supported as well as a goal system which tells the bot when to move to the next activity. All the settings including your activity list can be saved to a profile which is stored on your pc.

    The other main feature is the break scheduler, which will allow you to schedule breaks at a given runtime with a maximum random variation.

    The other thing i should mention is that i plan on releasing both a free and premium version of the bot. The free version will just be a restricted version of the premium one. The restrictions will likely be limited activity listings and perhaps no break scheduler.

    All constructive feedback is welcome, DISCUSS!
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  2. What's the selected column for?
  3. For row deletion. Tick the rows you need to delete and then just hit the delete selected rows button. The rows are also able to be reorder by simply dragging and dropping :)
  4. Looks AWSOME,

    Release Date?
  5. Looks really nice, shame can't test it till the runemate client is fixed. Looking forward to it tho ><
  6. He just started lol...
  7. Incorrect. I've been working on it for a while, the interface is just taking forever but it's getting there. I've just got profile saving/loading working perfectly, just need to setup the break scheduler so i can add it to the profiling. All data filtering is complete, ie trees are filtered by area and urns are filtered by tree type. I've also rewritten the chopping task and have implemented a way for it to interact with a tree while running and not spam click it, making it much more human like, it just needs extensive testing to ensure it works adequately. Once the break scheduler is finished i need to rewrite the drop tasks.
  8. This looks great.
  9. I use MaxiWoodcutter every day and I am really excited for this! When is this set to be released?
  10. There is no release date. I've had almost a week off from developing this and will hopefully be starting back up full throttle in the next day or two.
  11. We shall be waiting! Anyways, I'm having a bit of an issue with the current one. Sometimes randomly it'll just log out when I am not watching, not sure if its the bot or RS but it only happens when chopping yews in Catherby. Also cutting yews at Grand Exchange is bugged.

    EDIT: I found out why it is doing it, its when the camera is in a certain position where it can't see the rest of the trees. Basically 1 tree is cut down and the rest are like out of the cameras view so it just sits there idle and then logs out.
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  12. This looks excellent, being able to choose location to cut at will be very good for woodcutting on darkscape. Will we be able to edit the paths it takes so that it can go threw the wilderness wall?
  13. Probably not in the initial release but its a good suggestion so I may add the ability to set up your own paths for version 2.1 :)

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  14. This looks awesome man! Keep up the great work :D
  15. Did you read what I wrote before about the camera making it log out?
  16. Yeah, thank you for posting a bug but it's not relevant to this thread. And it won't be fixed until the new version is out. The cause of the issue is idle time. When it sits for too long with no action to be performed by the bot it gets logged out because of inactivity.
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    UPDATE: Progress is slow as i've been procrastinating hard, but i'm hoping to change that soon. I've just got input validation and feedback working and am now finishing the ActivityManager which will handle switching netween activities in the list. I haven't finished the break handler yet but i don't feel that it's that important. So depending on how long everything else take, i might release it without the break handler so you guys actually have something to play with and then i'll finish the break handler shortly after release.
  17. :D
  18. UPDATE: New information window that will be replacing my paint is now fully functional but could do with an aesthetics upgrade. The activity management system seems to be working nicely for level goal, time goal and item amount goal. The interfaces are finished now finished in terms of functionality. Just some more fine tuning to do with the activity manager and then onto the actual woodcutting side of things. It's all coming together nicely!
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    UPDATE: Live configuration changing now works! So you'll be able to change settings in the middle of a session if you need to! However, currently all of your previous activities progress will be reset.
  19. If you're directly editing the activity, why would all of the previous ones be reset? Or are you creating copies with the new settings and swapping those in?
  20. just swapping in a new set of activities. Might change it later. But for now that's how it'll be.

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