MaxiWorldWalker 1.0.1

Makes marathon running look easy.

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    MaxiWorldWalker - Makes marathon running look easy.

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  2. Doesn't work, current position is fine but it doens't walk and the status just says: walking to xxx But it doesn't do anything. This is osrs btw

    Nvm: was an issue with Runemate I think cus it works fine now. ( after restarting Runemate )
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  3. @Aidden Could you make this available in dev mode (not sure how and if you can at all...)
  4. Unfortunately the only way to do so is to give it the dev tools category. @Cloud is it okay if i add the dev tool category to this so it can be ran in sdk mode as well?
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  5. I'd rather you didn't.
  6. I had a feeling you'd say that, that's why i asked :)
    Sorry @Geashaw the boss has spoken.
  7. But .... Why :(

    Haha that's okay
  8. Currently having an issue with this script bot... Can set where you wish to goto then errors -

    java.lang.IllegalStateException: Expected a numerical value for Client.destinationX but instead we received null (OSRS: 49d60d44)
  9. Gamepack issue, i've already notified cloud about it
  10. Thanks
  11. Hey @Aidden,

    First I want to thank you for releasing all of quality bots you have released. I often use quite a few of them and usually with no issues.
    Second, I have run into an odd issue with the World Walker. Everytime I set a destination and click the "start walking" button nothing happens.

    I allowed the game to sit there for about 5 minutes or so and on occasion the bot does click the minimap and my character does move. However,
    It is usually only one or two clicks. Then another couple minute wait before it decides to click again. It is really quite odd, because I used the bot for a couple of days before this issue arose.

    It seems there was another previous comment about an issue exactly like mine, but my issues did not clear up after re-starting the RM client.
    While typing up this post I kept the bot running (to falador east bank). Eventually, it did finally make it to the destination. It did take quite some time, seemed like about 10 minutes. I don't think it is a latency issue, could it be? It's really odd.

    Hopefully my description and this screenshot will suffice to help fix the issue! Thank you ahead of time for the assistance!
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  12. The web has been moved to the cloud so the client uses less ram and cpu cycles. I saw another dev mention this issue in another bot last night. @Arbiter I'm guessing server issues?
  13. @Cloud has to do with locally caching even though server errors out during extreme loads.
  14. It would be nice if it prioritized walking on paths as to avoid monsters and getting stuck inside buildings

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