Mechanical auto clicker with complete randomized times v2

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    So this is something i have been building for a while now, it actually clicks a mouse motherboard but it has a computer chip running some code i built that mimics the movement and depression times of a human hand. Never been banned using this set up and was told i should get on youtube so i did. Heres my newest version and i also have been working on a mobile version aswell as a more complex version that can perform simple task and also a color recognition model. Please subscribe if you like my stuff i 3d print all my own boxes and also print tons of other stuff with more videos on that to come also! Im also going to be giving away a box to somebody when i hit 500 subscribers.I also plan to do some diy auto clicker videos sometime after the new year. If this is not allowed or in the wrong category i apologize, just wanting to share. Thanks for your time!

    v2 desktop box -

    mobile prototype -
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    Damn. I don't normally reply but i see nobody has replied on your work.

    firstly, nice job! You definately have some engineering skilling that you should keep developting. I will shoot you a sub.

    On the botting perspective i don't know how far this can go, but definately you got the brain of an antrepreneur.

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